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iOS and Android Apps

iPhone apps, iPad apps, and Android apps. All built on their native platforms using industry standards and the latest frameworks. If you want to create a new standalone app or integrate it with an existing management system or web site, we can get it up and producing for you quickly.

Ruby on Rails

The world’s foremost web application framework. this framework lays the groundwork for web applications and provides a sturdy foundation to build on. Great for applications of all types and sizes, just ask the people who built groupon.com, hulu.com, twitter.com, and yellowpages.com.

Agile Development

This is a key tool for successful software development. Agile favors “individuals and interactions over processes and tools”, avoids heavy documentation, and emphasizes continuous software releases through small iterations.

Agile gives us the flexibility to create better applications in a shorter timeframe with less effort. Thorough communication with the client ensures that you're always in the loop. This drastically lessens any opportunity for your project to get off track. Many say they use Agile, we actually do!

Test­-Driven Development

Do you know how people used to test applications back in the olden days? They would visit the site and click on all the links and test everything by hand! How primitive! What we do is automate all of our tests. This process ensures that the application ends up exactly the way you want it to. Not to mention, when it comes time to add new features down the road, we can just run all of our tests again to make sure nothing was broken in the process. It’ll help you sleep at night.

This is true Quality assurance - having a process that in itself will yield a product that conforms to your requirements.

What does it all mean? A better product for less money.

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