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The RingRX app has been on physician's wishlist for some time. Known by some as the 'beeper killer', the RingRX app provides an interface to connect medical establishments to on-call physician's in real time. By providing a contextual interface for the parties to communicate, a reduction in communication errors and overall success in making a connection has been achieved.

Special technical considerations were raised during the production of the RingRX app with privacy and legal compliance at the forefront. Entrision helped to clear all regulatory hurdles and came through with an app that not only met the client's usability requirements, but also the legal.


"The talented team at Entrision was amazing. I've worked with other developers before, and after working with Entrision, I'll never work with anyone else. I was very impressed with both their quality and efficiency. Outstanding value."
- Doug Parent, President



Construction site foreman and surveyors everywhere are rejoicing the all new Q Scribe tablet app. Q-Scribe serves as a replacement for log books and other desktop recording apps and has made logging required data in the field palatable for the non-technical user.

Everything that construction professionals needed to log the old way had to be slimmed and trimmed and made to fit inside the Q-Scribe app. Not only did Entrision meet this requirement, but they also took their own initiative to provide a simpler, easier to use interface that cut down on the required steps necessary for data entry. Time and aggravation have now both been saved with the making of this game changing app.



As a competitive runner, you need to know when races are being held. You also want to know which races align with your current training schedule, are close to you, and have other important features. BiBrave has aggregated all of this sought after information in one place so that runners can collaborate in a single place on the subject of competitive racing.

Entrisions primary objective when building this multi-platform application existed with developing an easy to use interface for reviewers and admins to enter new event data quickly...


"I've worked with dozens of developers and Derek, my developer from Entrision is easily the best. He's smart, efficient, and most of all, very responsive and communicative (very different from most other developers). He's a joy to work with and I can't recommend him highly enough."
- Tim Murphy, Founder

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