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Entrision is a software development firm building intelligently designed software solutions ranging from a simple e-commerce site, to a full management system capable of running a global enterprise on PC, Mac, iPad, Android or iPhone. You get a lot more than you see with order fulfillment, workflow processing, vendor management, inventory management, automated replenishment, along with financial and other features and functions you'll need to run your business.

Why choose us?

Many developers are satisfied with just "getting it to work". On the surface this sounds good, but you’ll find that you are calling them one month later with "issues". At Entrision we design our test parameters before we begin the development process. Our detail-focused Test Driven Development process ensures that when we are finished you will have a rock solid system that you can have confidence in. This is why around 70% of our new sales comes from clients who are tired of the "just get it to work" philosophy and are serious about Doing it Right!

We’re on the Cutting Edge

We use all the latest technologies, and we are continually learning as new innovative tech solutions are developed. This means that we are able to use the right technology for your product. Whether it’s building a house or building a web app, you’ve got to use the right tool for the job. We use the right tools. We aren’t stuck using outdated methods just because "we’re good with that technology". The technology we use is used because it’s the best tool for completing the task. PERIOD!


In our business, doing things right relies heavily on good communication. It's no secret that some of the most brilliant developers don’t communicate well with humans. This is why we take the extra time in our talent acquisition to ensure the developer we are hiring actually does and enjoys speaking with a customer. Since customer involvement is critical to success, we need developers who can speak directly with actual human beings whose software knowledge ranges from the pre-novice through the seasoned expert. It is a difference you will appreciate.

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  • Chris Schmitz

    Responsive. Professional. Intuitive. Committed. From start to finish, the team at Entrision embodied these four characteristics. We had a fantastic web development experience and we have a solid product that is performing well in the marketplace to show for it.

  • Kevin Barry

    Entrision has been a great development partner for FIlterEasy. Their knowledge base extends from architecture to servers and everything in-between. Having their team focus on our tech allows us to allocate more time to our core competencies.

  • Mike Kuechenmeister

    Entrision completed all front and back-end development on The Farmbell and we couldn't be more pleased with the work. Not only was our developer an exceptional programmer, he was a great communicator who lent value at every level of interaction.

  • Bill Van Ess

    I had the pleasure of working with Entrision in 2012. When I asked around about who to go to for our web needs, Entrision kept coming up. They were very helpful and patient with us as we planned and adjusted our app to work best for our needs. I would highly recommend the team at Entrision to anyone looking for high quality work and fantastic service!